Assistance Excellence

18 Hours


Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

How can you charm your customers in the digital era? In a globalized and fiercely competitive world, where product and service offers get increasingly customized, organizations are now aware that knowing their customers is key to their success – who they are, what they think, what they seek, how they act, how to understand and exceed their expectations. These are critical elements to design marketing efforts, achieve the desired results and ensure competitive edge and high returns. You will learn how to know your customers and how to relate with them – an invaluable strategic condition. You will also receive a toolkit of relevant concepts that will make your day-by-day customer assistance much more productive and enjoyable.

Program content

The Meaning of the Word Customer

Market Segmentation and Spotting Target Customers

Types of Customers

Creating Customer Value

Motivation and Purchasing Processes: customer needs, wants, expectations and value

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: what that means, how to ensure assistance excellence and exceed

Customer Assistance Channels

Gathering, Managing, Measuring and Using Customer Data

Tools and Processes (CRM, Total Quality, Net Promoter Score)

Living Organizations - Corporate Culture Oriented towards Customers

Legal Features of Customer Assistance

Digital Age Customers and the Challenges and Advantages of the Online World - future sales perspectives, assistance, capturing new customers and customer loyalty.

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